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Challenge to Human Sensing

Vitalgram II

ABOUT Vitalgram

“Vitalgram II” which is small and tiny wearable  ECG device equipped with multi sensors including:​​​

  • Electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG),

  • Body Temperature

  • Heart rate variability,  HRV

  • Gyroscope,

  • 3D Accelerator,

  • Environment sensors

    • Temperature ,

    • Humidity ,

    • Pressure sensor


Our Mission & Vision


Our vision is to Challenge the Human Sensing to contribute the society with an affordable friendly human wearable sensing system to realize safe, secure and healthy life for anyone, anytime and anywhere.


Focus on the development and system integration of wearable patch-type vital sensor Vitalgram® for providing application solutions such as medical & patient monitoring, home and elderly Healthcare, sports and army training,  stress and working area improvement, disaster rescue situation.